Rental Policies


Thank you for considering Johnston RV rentals as a travel option for your next vacation! Johnston RV primarily serves as an RV dealership for the greater Rochester area that takes satisfaction in the quality vehicles we sell and the hardworking employees that treat each customer like family. We offer top of the RV rental units that are professionally cleaned and maintained by our staff of technicians. It is our goal with our rental department that we show you the convenience and fun of RV camping so that you may experience for yourself all the benefits that owning a RV can bring. 


  • Reservations require a down payment of $100.00 for tent campers, $200.00 for travel trailers, and $500.00 for motor homes to secure your dates, this is credited towards the cost of rental.
  • For reservations cancelled within 60 days of the deposit the down payment is not refundable.
  • Total estimated amount of the trip is due the day of pick up (includes security deposit and mileage estimate if applicable).
  • We accept cash, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Drivers must be at least 25 years of age or older with a valid drivers license and insurance.
  • Time of pickup and return will be determined when reservation is made.
  • For the benefit of our renters we schedule time at each pick up for a technician to go over the unit with you and explain how to use its various features. Please plan for this to take between thirty minutes to an hour.
  • We are not open for pick up or return on Sundays.
  • Minimum rental period:
    • Tent Camper Units: 6 nights (Memorial Weekend - Labor Day Weekend); 3 nights (April 1 - Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend - Nov. 30)
    • Travel Trailer Units: 5 nights (Memorial Weekend - Labor Day Weekend); 3 nightd (April 1 - Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend - Nov. 30)
    • Motorized Units: 5 nights (Memorial Weekens - Labor Day Weekend); 4 nights (April 1 - Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend - Nov. 30) *Limited Winter Rentals Available*

Towable Units

  • In order to tow any of our tent campers or travel trailers you must have a brake controller and 7 pin plug installed on your vehicle. If you do not have a brake controller or 7 pin plug one may be purchased and installed at our service department. A brake controller is available for rent at an additional cost, please contact the rental department for more information. 
  • Proof of insurance on your tow vehicle is required in order to tow any of our units.

Motor Homes

  • Each motor home comes with 100 miles per day of rental, any miles over that will be assessed at $0.45/mile. If you feel you will go over your free miles please let a rental agent know before you pick up in order to calculate a mileage estimate. If you go under your mileage estimate the remaining amount will be refunded back to you when you return.
  • Each motor home comes equipped with a generator for use in case no power hookup is available. You receive 2 free hours of generator use per day of rental, any time over that will be assessed at $4.00/hour.
  • It is the renter's responsibility to check and maintain engine fluids and coolant levels at each refueling.
  • The gas tank will be full when the unit is picked up and expected to be full upon return. If the unit is returned without gas you will be charged for the time is takes to refuel and the fuel itself.

All Rental Units

  • For the safety and cleanliness of our units we ask that they not be taken to tailgating, festivals or concert events.
  • For insurance and reclaim purposes we do not allow our units to travel into Canada or travel further west than the Mississippi River.
  • We ask you do not use the ladder or go up on the roof.
  • You are not allowed to use our units to tow anything.
  • Only RV grade toilet paper and chemical must be used in order to prevent sewage back up. Your unit will come with enough for a short trip, if you plan to rent for a longer duration please consider buying extra at our parts department.
  • In order to keep our units clean and fresh we charge a $125.00 cleaning fee for an interior and exterior cleaning and sanitization. This amount is included in any quote received.
  • To keep the waste tanks free from buildup and odors we charge a $75.00 tank dump and tank sanitation fee to keep the tanks fresh. This is a requirement by the State of New York. This amount is included in any quote received. Note: Tent campers have a $100 cleaning fee and no tank dump fee. 
  • If evidence of smoking or animals is found in our units or the unit is brought back excessively dirty you will be charged for a full cleaning of the unit at our standard labor rate of $110.00/hour.

Security Deposits

  • In order to rent any unit from us you will be required to put down a security deposit that is separate from the cost of rental. The security deposit is refunded back to you once the unit is returned to us and inspected by a technician.
  • If during inspection any damage is found, an estimate for repair will be made and disclosed to you before deducting any amount from your deposit.
  • The refundable security deposit for motor homes is $1,000.00.
  • The refundable security deposit for towable trailers is $500.00.

Winter Weather Camping

  • If you choose to rent between the months of November-April please be aware that all of our units will be winterized at that time. This means the water system is cleared out and flushed with non-toxic antifreeze to keep the lines from freezing and bursting. If you would like to use the water system on the unit (this includes toilet) you must have the unit summerized. This can be done for you here at pick up for an additional cost or at a 3rd party (preferably Jayco authorized) dealership once you bring it to a warmer climate. It must then be winterized again before you re-enter the colder climate, this is done at your expense. If the unit is returned to us without being winterized the cost to winterize will be deducted from your deposit.



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