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We were looking for a fun and unique way to promote sale prices on our website. Immediately one of our Managers and I started tossing the idea of a Dog around as our new mascot. Immediately I landed on a Bulldog. My son had a stuffed animal (Bulldog) that he carried everywhere for many years. His name was Winston or Winnie for short. As we were developing the idea of a Mascot we shared it with our Controller Rhonda as we knew that she was a dog lover, and had been a long time volunteer at Verona Street Animal Society. She immediately shared the story of her dog Echo. After hearing the story we were convinced that we had to move forward with this idea. When I discovered how ECHO likes to EAT everything in sight I came up with the name PRICE CHOMPER “TAKING A HUGE BITE OUT OF RV PRICES” We think that PRICE CHOMPER is a perfect fit, and a great way to share the incredible story of ECHO. We hope that you enjoy PRICE CHOMPER while you visit our site in search of your perfect RV.

Aaron Johnston, President

Meet Echo, The Inspiration for “Chomper”

Echo Pictures

My name is Echo. I am a 4 year-old deaf English Bulldog. I was rescued a few months after I was born. My humans had a couple names picked out for me but knew it was meant to be Echo, when they drove down Echo St. to meet me for the first time. In Greek Mythology, Echo comes from the word eche, meaning “sound”.

Nicknames include: Potato Chip - because my tongue sticks out of my mouth all the time, gets dry, and feels like a chip, and Meatball - well, because I’m large and round.

I live with my big fur sister, Katie, also a rescue, and 3 human teenage brothers. I get into lots of trouble with them.

I LOVE to go camping. I even have my own camp chair to sit in by the campfire. I steal firewood from the pile and chew on it like a woodchuck. I’m not crazy about hiking, but if there’s water along the way .... I’m in! I think I can swim but somehow always end up under water.

Echo Pictures

I very good at playing tug of war. People don’t realize how strong I am. It’s fun to pull them over, even the ones that think they are tough.

Despite my size, I am a snuggler! I love to cuddle, gives hugs and kisses. I will whine and cry for my dad to get off the couch to come sit with me on the floor in the living room. In the family room, I sit on the back of the couch like a cat, looking out the window, because I’m too short to see over the cushions. I also crawl under the dog blanket and cover myself up with just my nose sticking out. I enjoy long naps in front of the heater vent. My FAVORITE spot in the house though is in the kitchen, right under Mom’s feet, because she’s a messy cook and always drops food.

Although I’m deaf, my parents tell me I’m quite smart. I go to the back door and bark when I need to go outside. I know hand signals for eat, walk, sit, and, of course, NO. And when I’m ready for bed at night, I will just go right upstairs and not wait for anyone else. Being a bulldog is exhausting!

By Rhonda Kusher, Echo’s Mom + Controller Johnston RV




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