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  • Published on Jul 17, 2019

    Pros and Cons of RV Travel

    Pros of RV Travel

    1. Accessibility to your destinations: The VIEWS! Think about the beautiful photos you can take when looking out the panoramic windshield.
    2. Lingering at the Destination: Take your shoes off, stay awhile! Taking an RV trip has the advantage of a traveling hotel. You don't have to worry about the 2-hour drive back to the hotel, just park at the campsite continuing your stay through the night.
    3. Travel Interactions: It is more likely to start a conversation with someone at an RV park than it is at the hotel you are staying at. At a campground you all have something in common which brought you there. Ask your neighbor if you are having RV troubles, more than likely they can help you fix the problem and give some insight on other locations to travel to.
    4. Travel Expenses: Say goodbye to pricy hotel stays! As most basic campgrounds range from $15-$50 a night. An extra fee might be added for electrical hookups, which could be from $8-$15 per reservation. Still HUGE savings!
    5. Food Cost: A huge money saver when you are traveling with a kitchen! Instead of stopping at every fast food restaurant and rest stop, you are not only saving money but also in fuel by staying on the path to vaction!

    Cons of RV Travel

    1. Parking: For the ones who like to visit cities, you may have some trouble pulling up in your RV. Cities have narrow streets, minimal parking, and expensive taxi rides. By planning ahead, you can find public transportation with easier parking and more affordable fares to take you where you want to be.
    2. Parking again: It is a misconception that an RV can stop and park anywhere to stay overnight. Most parking lots do allow this, including Walmart, but many places do not allow overnight parking. If you are unsure it is always a good idea to contact the store or ask the local police. 
    3. Fuel Expense: Considering that it takes about 112 gallons to complete a 1,350-mile trip, you know that’s where your money is headed. But at least you know that you are saving when it comes to most of the rest of your trip.

    The positives out weight the negatives when it comes to RV travel. Something else you have to keep in mind is if it is worth buying an RV or if renting one from Johnston RV Country. Knowing that it can potentially save you a fortune when it comes to cross country travels, you might look into BUYING one and starting a new vacation tradition with family. One of our sales professionals will find out exactly what you are looking for and pair you with an RV that meets those needs. Check out one of our other blogs, “How To Choose The Right RV For You” to prepare you for your BIG purchase!

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