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  • Published on Aug 07, 2019

    End of Summer RV Prep

    With the end of summer approaching way quicker than we would like, it is time to talk about packing up for winter! 

    The summer brought tons of travels, new adventures, and lasting memories but we don’t want some of those memories carrying on to next summer. Like the bottle of ketchup from the super fun BBQ party in the desert, leftover crumbs on the floor when you were snacking on the way to California, or the bird poop on the roof when you were driving through the beautiful oak trees in Savannah.  

    Below are 10 tips from Business Insider to get your RV clean from summer travels and prepare for winter storage;


    Clear all cabinets

    Take an extra look through the kitchen and bathroom to remove any items that can result in mold growth and attract rodents. 

    Remove anything in cans or bottles 

    Even cleaning supplies can leak or explode in extreme weather. Unplug and wipe out the refrigerator and leave the doors open to avoid any mold growth. 

    Scrub all surfaces and vacuum the carpet

    Wipe down all of the counters and make sure the crumbs are vacuumed up. Linens and other detachable items like awnings should be washed and completely dried before hanging.

    Wash the exterior

    Starting from the roof down, make sure to get all of the undercarriage where chemicals might have leaked. If you are uncomfortable with washing the RV yourself, bring it to Johnston RV Country to get the job done! While there, it’s a great idea to move forward with any repairs and routine maintenance.

    Cover the windows

    Protect the inside of your RV by covering the windows! Also, check the roof to make sure you are free of leaks. Any window coverings can be bought at Johnston RV Country and we can point you in the right direction for any other accessories you may need to keep your RV clean.

    Disconnect all batteries

    By disconnecting batteries you are extending its lifespan. If your RV is in long-term storage it’s a good idea to remove all batteries completely to avoid them freezing. 

    Oil, fuel, tanks

    Remove the water from the tanks to avoid any stinky smells and get your oil changed BEFORE putting RV in storage.

    Cover your RV

    Find a sheltered area or get your RV a breathable cover. Avoid parking under trees or heavily wooded area. Natural elements can do damage to your investment.

    Check your tires

    For maximum tire protection have them filled up to the max limit (according to manual), cover them to reduce UV damage, and drive the tires onto an elevated platform to act as a buffer.

    Protect your investment

    If you’re not keeping your RV in a gated, protected storage lot, it is smart to use some form of video surveillance to keep an eye on your precious cargo.

    Now that you've prepped your RV for the winter, take this time to start planning next summers adventures! Check out our recent blog, Luxury RV Parks Across The Country!

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