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  • Johnston RV Country's 10 Tips for Driving Your New Motorhome
    Hey there RVers!   If you’re in the market to buy a motorized RV then there are a few things you should know.   Knowing the different types of motorhomes as well as their driving styles can help you decide what is right for you. Let’s break it down.  Cla ...
  • RV Tip of the Week: New or Used?

    Published on Jun 24, 2021
    RV Tip of the Week: New or Used?
    RV Tip of the Week   New or Used?   So, you’ve made the decision. You want to buy your very own RV.    The next thing you should think about is whether you want to go with a new RV or a used one. You might have reservations about buy ...
  • Camper Cookin' Recipes: Sriracha Maple Chicken Kebabs
    Welcome to Johnston RV's Camper Cookin’!    Thanks for checking out our new segment! Here we are going to highlight some unique and delicious recipes that will help even the most inexperienced cook keep mealtime fresh on the campsite.  ...
  • End Of Summer RV Prep

    Published on Aug 07, 2019
    End of Summer RV Prep With the end of summer approaching way quicker than we would like, it is time to talk about packing up for winter!  The summer brought tons of travels, new adventures, and lasting memories but we don’t want some of those memories carrying on to next summer. ...
  • When it comes to RV parks, especially if you have not personally been to one, our minds automatically go to what we have seen in movies, shows, magazines, ect. I don’t know about you but I picture a dirt ground with a common area with bathrooms, fire pit, a place to charge up and that’s ...
  • How To Choose The Right RV For You

    Published on Jun 05, 2019
    Choosing the right RV for you and your family takes time, determination, and a lot of thinking. Below are 10 questions that you should ask yourself before buying one to bypass the confusing search process. 1. What kind of camping do you want to do?  Knowing what kind of camping that you p ...


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